The subjects

Tamil:  We use the text book “Valarnilai” to teach students from Grade 1 up to GCSE in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  Every student takes the well recognised annual exams in the Spring term;  those who pass the exam are promoted to the next grade in the Autumn term.

The University of Cambridge Syndicate Examination Board exam syllabus is taught to students of GCSE and Advanced Level, who take the Cambridge exam at local exam centres. Some students are selected and trained to  perform in dramas in public performances, on an annual basis.

Hinduism: The students are taught: Thevarams (Tamil Hindu Hymns), the Hindu ethos and the belief system is taught in English.  The exams are conducted annually by the Hindu Academy in Harrow.

 Fine Arts:   The students are taught, the theory and practice in Carnatic Musical instruments, vocal music and dance.  The students who are deemed ready for exams – by the teachers – take a well recognised OFFAL exams – from Grade 1 –  Diploma level – and those who pass the exams are promoted to the next grade in the Autumn term.

The Keyboard students take the Trinity School of Music exam when they pass the teacher’s exams.  All the Fine Arts students are trained to perform in, at least, one public cultural performance a year.

  •   Miruthangam
  •   Morsing
  •   Gadam
  •   Violin
  •   Veena
  •   Bharatha Natiyam (dance) –  Kalakshetra style
  •   Sangeetham (vocal)
  •   Flute
  •   Keyboard (English & Tamil)

National Curriculum Support: A good foundation is vital for academic education.  The extra tuition to supplement the school work is designed to consolidate the national curriculum being taught at school  

  •   11+ coaching
  •   AS Psychology
  •   Maths and English (up to Year 6)

Please note, if there is enough interest (minimum of 10 students for each subject), Maths, English and Science will be taught  up to Advanced Level.  Please email:  if interested.

Other Subjects and Services

English for Speakers of Other Languages:  Mature students are taught the skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing up to Level 3

IT Skills:  Mature students are taught basic skills: Word, Excel, Email and Web search

 Karate Shotokan:  The students are trained up to and beyond Black belt and examined by a recognised Shotokan exam body.  Selected students take part in an annual display of the learnt techniques to public audience.

Yoga – Vinyasa:  Students of all ages and ability are taught relaxation and other yoga techniques which benefit the mind and body.

Sewing: Mixed ability and age group is taught general sewing techniques and design, eg.  sari blouse making.

 Health Screening and well being advice: A team of qualified  doctors, nurses and health allied professionals conduct regular forums on related topics (click Calendar for dates). They also make referrals to the relevant services.

For further information please, email